If you are a security manager, or a private individual, we make things easy

Two Easy Steps

We have made it easy for you! You get trained and receive your certificate in two easy steps:

  1. Buy a course
  2. Buying a training course is like buying a training voucher. You don’t need to create an account. However, if you have recurrent training needs, we advise you to register.
  3. Take the course
  4. The training voucher consists of a trainee user ID and password. The trainee uses these access codes to log into the training portal, get trained and that’s it. As soon as he or she has completed the course, the certificate is sent to the email address provided at step 1.

Express Buy Mode vs. Registration Mode

You can use the site 2 different ways:

  • Express Buy Mode. The fastest way to get trained!
  • You just need to choose your training module, enter billing information and to pay. We then send your trainee access codes. The certificate is automatically generated and sent as soon as the trainee has completed the course and that’s it. Of course, this mode is best suited for individuals or small businesses with occasional training needs.
  • Registered Mode. The most comprehensive way to get trained!
  • You create an account. You create as many trainee profiles as you want and assign them the necessary courses. You have permanent access to a training dashboard which enables you, in real time, to manage the whole training process. if required, you can also add more manager profiles to assist in the management process. Of course, this option is best suited for companies with recurrent training needs. PLEASE NOTE: The training engine and the training courses are the same whatever mode you select.

Express Buy: How to proceed ?

The order process is as follows:

  1. Click on “Purchase Training” on the Home Page
  2. Click on “Express Buy”
  3. Fill-in the order form
  4. Confirm your order
  5. Proceed to payment
  6. Check your mail box or click on link to get your invoice and trainee access codes
  7. Use these codes to access the training course

Registration Mode: How to Proceed ?

The order process is as follows:

  1. Click on “Purchase Training”
  2. Click on “Create an Account”
  3. Fill-in the registration form
  4. Confirm your registration
  5. Check your mailbox or click on link to get your login details.
  6. Log in to the Online Training Management Portal

Once you are logged on the Online Training Management Portal, you can:

  1. Add Trainee
  2. Add Trainee Manager
  3. Purchase Training in two clicks
  4. Access your Trainee progress
  5. Amend/Dowload your Trainee Certificate